Analyzing Characteristics of PC Cluster Consolidated with IP-SAN using Data-Intensive Applications

A. Hara, K. Kamisaka, S. Yamaguchi, and M. Oguchi (Japan)


IP-SAN, iSCSI, PC cluster, data mining


In the information society in recent years, the volume of data requested to process increases explosively. Informa tion required from users should be extracted from it in stantly. In order to process huge volumes of data, we have constructed a PC cluster consolidated with IP-SAN that in tegrates the front-end and the back-end networks into the same IP network. However, the detailed analysis is not yet performed how the communication between nodes of the cluster and the execution of I/O influence the behavior of the system performance, when data-intensive applications are executed on it. Thus, in this paper, a PC cluster consolidated with IP SAN is evaluated when the network and target of the cluster are burdened with a heavy load, by accessing a single target with multiple initiators. As an example of data-intensive applications, parallel association rule mining is executed. As the system is monitored and analized, detailed behavior of the PC cluster consolidated with IP-SAN is clarified.

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