Using Higher-Order Voronoi Tessellations for WSN-based Target Tracking

M. Abdelkader, M. Hamdi, and N. Boudriga (Tunisia)


Wireless sensor networks, collaborative computing, Voronoi tesselation, mobility models.


Recent advances in integrated electronic devices moti vated the use of wireless sensor networks in many ap plications including target surveillance and tracking. A number of sensor nodes are scattered within a sensi tive region to detect the presence of intruders and for ward subsequent events to the analysis center(s). This paper proposes a high-level Voronoi-based technique to assess the area coverage based on information available locally for each sensor node. We show that the pro posed technique can be used to implement a coverage preserving mobility process to enhance the initial sen sor deployment. We also highlight other potential applications of our approach. Through the analysis of simulation results, we demonstrate that high-level Voronoi tessellations allow improving the target detec tion rate at a low computational cost.

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