A Novel and Non SIP-based Framework for Initiating a Multimedia Session between Mobile Devices

S.E. Davies and S. Gardner (UK)


Mobile Multimedia, Distributed Multimedia Systems, Mobile-to-Mobile, Peer-to-Peer/P2P, Session Initiation Process, SIP/IMS, P2PSIP, 3G/UMTS.


Video streaming is amongst the public’s most demanded network service, whether it be TVoIP, video conferencing or peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming. SIP/IMS has attempted to achieve this for the IP-based network and mobile networks in particular. However, it still remains incomplete to a satisfactory level after years of expectations and faces major challenges from the internet players such as Skype and Google. This paper discusses the latest relevant developments of SIP through the introduction of P2PSIP, which attempts to overcome some of the disadvantages currently posed by SIP/IMS, and enable a fully distributed multimedia system. The paper further proposes a novel and non SIP-based framework for locating mobile peers and initiating a streaming session between the mobile peers over the cellular mobile networks. The framework is a generic framework that is low cost, lightweight and does not rely on any external costly infrastructure such as the IMS structure, or any specific arrangements from mobile operators such as a private APN for example.

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