Bug Detection through Static Analysis of MSIL

V. Channakeshava, S. Chavan, and V. Shanbhag (India)


Static Analysis, Bug patterns, Code walkthrough, Intermediate language


Skilled software professionals also occasionally do make mistakes when writing programs that lead to software bugs. Code walk-through’s and software testing are therefore a crucial component of the software development process, industry-wide. Detecting and correcting certain classes of such software defects has been demonstrated to be conveniently, and cost effectively possible through static analysis of intermediate code generated by compilers. This approach has been reported to be substantially more effective than testing in detecting all occurrences of many classes of bugs. In this paper we explore the use of static analysis techniques to inspect MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), generated from compiling C# source. We investigate a few well known classes of bugs that require merely a single pass through the disassembled MSIL.

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