Run-Time Binary Code Patching and its Application

K. Ootsu, T. Yokota, and T. Baba (Japan)


binary code, code patching, runtime code modification, dynamic link, hotspot detection


In the rapidly changing modern society, there are various demands for performance increase and more functionality about computer programs. Therefore computer programs should be continually improved on the functionality, per formance, and security side. However, once a computer program begins to be used by the users, it is not so easy to completely replace it with newer program. Thus, old (and legacy) program codes continue being used for a long time. This paper designs a dynamically linked library sys tem that applies binary code patching to arbitrary programs at run-time, using dynamic link library framework that is provided on most modern operating systems in order to modify user program codes. In addition, as an example of our binary code patching library, this paper also describes a software run-time profiling library that can identify which part of the program code is frequently executed.

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