Fuzzy Self-Tuning PID Control Technology and its Embedded Applications in Automated Programming Robotic Systems

G. Zeng and Q. Zeng (USA)


Robotics, control, PID, embedded OOD/OOP software, device programming


The paper presents an advanced Fuzzy self-tuning PID controller theory and it implements its applications on Data I/O’s automated robotic programming systems. Considerable programming technology shift occurred in recent device programmer industry; programming density have been constantly fast growing from low-volume to high-volume programming for all kinds of non-volatile flash memory devices such as NOR flash, NAND flash, and MMC cards, SD flash cards, serial flash device, serial flash cards, flash-based microcontrollers and flash disks as high performance M-systems DiskOnChip. Device programming mode is more demanding an automatic programming than manual operation mode. It drives the creation and implementation of a high-performance automated programming robotic systems. This paper shows how this proposed advanced Fuzzy self-tuning PID controllers work on these automated programming robotic automation systems.

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