Linear Adaptive Controllers via Parameter Optimization and Recursive Identification

K.S. Al-Olimat and A.M. Farhoud (USA)


Adaptive control, parameter optimization, parameter identification, self tuning regulator.


This paper presents a new discrete linear adaptive controller. The proposed controller integrates an adaptive technique consists of an identification scheme which identifies the system with a predictive model and a parameter optimization control technique which uses this model to derive the control law. The control design consists of choosing a suitable regulator structure, then tuning the associated regulator parameters to minimize a chosen minimization criterion. The proposed design technique has flexibility in specifying the order and structure of the regulator which offers advantages in selecting and auto-tuning well known effective controller structures. Numerous simulated examples are used to demonstrate the potential of the proposed methodology for implementation by on-line microprocessor. In addition, the simulated examples show the superiority of the proposed technique over the generally used fixed parameters controllers.

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