Effects of Asymmetric Damping on Suspension Performance Indexes and Semi-Active Suspension Control Methods

N. Eslaminasab, O. Vahid A., W.W. Melek, and F. Golnaraghi (Canada)


Asymmetric damping, Semi-active control, Suspension systems,


On-off semi-active suspension control strategies control the damping ratio of the system through a state-feedback control algorithm. Although these control strategies might use different states and control rules, the resultant controlled system will be a frequency-dependent damping system. In general, even passive systems in some cases can be categorized as the frequency-dependent damping systems. In this paper, the frequency-dependent asymmetric damping systems are analyzed and studied. The effect of asymmetry on system responses is studied through numerical simulations. In addition, in this paper the effect of asymmetry on the conventional semi-active controlled systems is also studied and the method for the optimal design of asymmetric semi-active systems is discussed.

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