A Complete Fault Detection and Diagnosis System for Autonomous All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

S. Lee, S. Kim, and B. Song (Korea)


Fault detection, Fault diagnosis, All-Terrain Vehicle, Distributed system


This paper presents a complete fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) method to enhance safety for an autonomous All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). An integrated approach combining decentralized with centralized FDD is proposed to optimize a tradeoff between sensitivity and robustness. While the former (DFDD) is designed in the framework of a single processor and suitable to detect faults in actuators and sensors directly connected to the corresponding processor, it is sensitive to noise and disturbance and thus may result in false alarms. On the other hand, the latter (CFDD) is based on information via communication between multiple processors, and it detects and diagnoses faults through analyzing concurrent computations of multiple hardware modules. However, its performance is still limited to isolate faults specifically in terms of components in the single hardware. To incorporate advantages of two FDD approaches, the twolayered structure integrating both decentralized and centralized FDD is proposed and allows us to perform more robust fault detection as well as more detailed fault isolation. Finally, the proposed method will be validated experimentally via field tests of ATV.

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