Walking Trajectory Generation and Force Feedback Control for the Humanoid Robot Leg Module SURALP-L

K. Erbatur, U. Seven, E. Taskiran, and Ö. Koca (Turkey)


Humanoid robots, walking biped robots, force feedback


SURALP is a new walking humanoid robot platform. The kinematic arrangement of the robot is planned with 30 independently driven axes, including legs, arms, waist and a neck. The 12-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) leg module of the platform, SURALP-L, is completed. The actuation is based on DC motors, belt and pulley systems and Harmonic Drive reduction gears. The sensory equipment consists of joint encoders and force/torque sensors. The control hardware is centered on a dSpace digital signal processor. This paper develops a smooth walking trajectory generation system and a walking control method based on force feedback. The control method features a ground impact compensator, an early landing trajectory modification system, controllers for the foot orientation, and independent joint position controllers. Experimental walking results with the leg module are presented.

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