Nonverbal Initiative Exchange based on Virtual Field Model

M. Matsumoto and S. Hashimoto (Japan)


Virtual field model, Initiative exchange, Personal robot, Multi user interaction, Nonverbal communication


This paper presents nonverbal initiative exchange for robot control through virtual field. The approaches for robot op eration can be divided into two main branches; autonomous control and manual control. And initiative exchange be tween the human and the robot often takes place. For in stance, an autonomous robot normally does not require the user intervention, while a user sometimes would like to control the robot manually. Therefore, the mode switches between autonomous control and manual control are de sired in many cases. Such a mode switching is usually per formed by manual operation, which is not always smooth and is sometimes dangerous. To realize a human-friendly robotic system, the unified methodology for smooth ini tiative exchange is desired. In this paper, we propose a methodology of initiative exchange by introducing the vir tual field around the robot. By employing the virtual field model, multiple users can interact with a mobile robot at the same time. Some concrete examples are also shown to realize the nonverbal initiative exchange by employing an optical beam interface.

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