Visual Servoing and Force Control Integration with Fuzzy Parameter Adjustment

B. Çalli, K. Erbatur, and M. Ünel (Turkey)


Visual servoing, Force control, Sensor integration, Fuzzy Logic, Online parameter tuning


Vision and force sensors provide rich information which can enable robots to execute complex tasks. However, the integration of these two types of sensors with different nature is not straightforward. This paper firstly defines a manipulation task as a case study problem. In this problem, a constant magnitude normal force is to be exerted at a point fixed on an object which is free to rotate. Visual servoing and explicit force control techniques are applied next in the task frame formalism to achieve this objective. Disadvantages of the constant parameter controllers are addressed and a solution in which controller gains are tuned with fuzzy logic systems is proposed. The solution is in the hybrid control category. Experiments are carried out on a two degrees of freedom (DOF) direct drive SCARA type robot.

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