Interactive Interface using Evolutionary Eye Sensing

T. Akashi, Y. Wakasa, K. Tanaka, S. Karungaru, and M. Fukumi (Japan)


Interface, Genetic Algorithm, Computer Vision


The purpose of this study is to develop an useful interactive interface to operate a welfare apparatus.Moreover, an inter active operation screen is proposed, which is based on the presumptions of some physiological knowledge and Evo lutionary Eye Sensing. The proposed system uses a non contact type interface with the Evolutionary Eye Sensing. A face is tracked and eye region image is captured auto matically by a controlled pan-tilt-zoom camera. Then, an iris is tracked and eye movement is measured. An opera tion screen is divided into 9 areas. A user can select these 8 areas by the eye movement and decide by the eye fixation. This proposed system is not necessary a special calibra tion. The effectiveness of the proposed system is evaluated by experiments with 10 subjects. The results indicate that the proposed system is easy to use for the beginner, and the user can be proficient in operation by exercises.

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