Hierarchical Semantic Structures Applied in Automatic Image Generation

N. Tandareanu and M. Ghindeanu (Romania)


distributed reasoning system, image generation AMS Subject Classification: 68T30, 68T45, 68T50


In [8] we presented a Hierarchical Distributed Reasoning System (shortly HDRS) with the following property: its reasoning entities are organized hierarchically based on the mechanisms they provide for the reasoning environment of the system. In order to exemplify how this system works, we choose to implement spatial reasoning deductions. In this article we present another usability of this kind of system, this time in the field of computer graph ics, by implementing a recursive image generation mecha nism. We do not intend to develop another rewriting system that would construct new images by successively replacing parts of a simple image using a set of rewriting rules or productions. In our method, the new images are obtained using a recursive method that joins images based on a com mon figure of them.

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