Simulating Lower Pedhi Dam Break: Application of GIS and MIKE 11 Model

P. Verma, R. Banergi, M. Sathe, D.S. Ramteke, S.R. Wate, and R.N. Singh (India)


Hydrodynamic modeling, MIKE 11, dam break simulation, GIS, inundation map


A major irrigation dam (Lower Pedhi) having a storage capacity of 75.26 million cubic meters is proposed across river Pedhi, which is a tributary of river Purna in Amravati district, India. In an event of dam failure, a Disaster Management Plan should be in place, which is drawn based on dam break analysis. In past, most of the studies carried out were limited to flood routing using commercial modeling softwares like MIKE 11 River Model, HEC-1, DAMBRK etc. These models provided valuable information regarding flood level, peak-flooding time in the downstream stretch of the dam which is a prerequisite for formulating a Disaster Management Plan. However in Disaster Management Plan, there are also other areas of concern like preparation of inundation map, mapping locations of resources vulnerable to flooding and planning evacuation routes, which are equally important and now can be easily handled by GIS. In this study, dam break analysis is carried out for proposed Lower Pedhi Dam. The study involved use of GIS for both input data preparation for MIKE 11 model as well as for preparation of inundation map useful for drawing a Disaster Management Plan.

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