Integrating Modules to Analyze Erosion of Earth Embankment Dams

M.L. Neilsen, D.M. Temple, and G.J. Hanson (USA)


Dam design and analysis, erosion, flood control, hydraulic modelling, numerical analysis, simulation.


WindowsTM Dam Analysis Modules (WinDAM) is a set of modular software components under development for the analysis of overtopped earth embankment dams. The initial modules address the routing of floods through reservoirs with dam overtopping and the evaluation of the potential for vegetation or riprap to delay or prevent failure of the dam embankment. These modules are called WinDAM A. To analyze the erosion caused by flow through an auxiliary spillway, Sites Spillway Erosion Analysis with Latin Hypercube Sampling (SSEA+LHS), can be used. The input to SSEA+LHS is a single storm hydrograph. This paper describes WinDAM A and its integration with an auxiliary spillway erosion analysis module based on SSEA+LHS. The new, more powerful, design and analysis tool is called WinDAM A+.

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