On the Design of Nonmodel-based Controllers for the Chaotic R�ssler System

A.A. Zaher (Kuwait)


Nonlinear Systems, Chaos Control, The Rössler System.


Nonmodel-based control techniques for stabilizing steady states and unstable periodic orbits of nonlinear systems that exhibit chaotic behavior are investigated. The Rössler system is used to exemplify the analysis and design proc esses assuming that only a single scalar time series for one of the states is available for feedback. The double notch filter feedback is used to stabilize the Rössler sys tem to a steady state, while the time-delay auto synchronization is used to stabilize it to an unstable peri odic orbit. The design effort, advantages and limitations of each control method are highlighted while suggesting feasible improvements. In addition, the effect of parame ter uncertainties is addressed and robustness of the con trollers is analyzed.

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