Towards a Fast, Efficient and Customizable Domain-Specific Modeling Framework

L. Angyal, M. Asztalos, L. Lengyel, T. Levendovszky, I. Madari, G. Mezei, T. Mészáros, L. Siroki, and T. Vajk (Hungary)


Modeling, Software Tools, Model Processing, ModelDriven Development


This paper presents the design, architecture, and implementation experiences related to building a multipurpose modeling and model transformation frameworks. We examine the usual expectations related to model-driven development tools, then we present the architecture and design decisions of a new modeling framework capable of fulfilling all these expectations. The suggested architecture and the provided implementation offer an approach that (i) has an efficient data structure, (ii) can be easily customized and (iii) optimized for different purposes of modeling.

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