Applying Semiautomatic Generation of Conceptual Models to Decision Support Systems Domain

M. Nurminen, P. Suominen, S. Äyrämö, and T. Kärkkäinen (Finland)


Use case, conceptual model, decision support system,systemsanalysis,domainengineering.


This paper presents a decision support system specification in the form of business use cases and a stereotyped conceptual model based on the specification. The use cases are based on generic user requirements and address cognitive biases. The specification can be used to set fixed and common terms among the project participants. Semiautomatic generation of the conceptual model is demonstrated with mixed results. While there are some shortcomings in the parsing and the result is dependent on the phrasing conventions used in the use cases, the conceptual model highlights the most essential entities in the domain and provides a base for further development phases.

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