Software Visualization with Attachable Display Classes

T. Shimomura, K. Ikeda, and M. Takahashi (Japan)


Customizable display, Java, Probes, Program understanding, Program visualization.


Software visualization enhances the comprehension of programs and their algorithms. It is useful in debugging and teaching algorithms. Conventional program visualization systems use debuggers and interpreters to control program execution or instrument program code to obtain traceinformation. Traces are often too large to visualize feasibly, and the overhead of generating the traces makes the application deviate from its normal behavior. This paper presents a novel approach to an attachable program visualization environment. In this environment, several probes are embedded in a program in such a way that they will not affect the normal program execution, and the program execution can be easily visualized in a variety of ways. This paper also describes the facilities and implementation of APV (Attachable Program Visualizer) that realizes this environment for Java programs.

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