Three-Level Analysis for Shared Understanding of Information Systems Development

M. Toivanen, I. Luukkonen, and J. Mykkänen (Finland)


Activity analysis, information systems development,modeling, participatory, and requirements


Development of information systems causes changes in work practices, which might cause confusion and uncommitment to those affected. To share understanding of development needs and plans, we need appropriate and sufficient information about the target domain as a whole. To analyze and describe the work and related information system needs, we need systemic analysis. In this paper, we describe an activity-driven ISD (Information Systems Development) model for analyzing domains systemically at three levels. Our experience shows that the model facilitates the changes in work and in information systems at the same time. The model can be used in the early phases of the ISD process, mainly in the domain analysis and in requirements elicitation, and also in the introduction of new software in organizations, when new work practices and processes are planned with the support of new software. The model is not meant to be a project management guide, but a framework: a checklist of important analysis aspects in the ISD process.

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