Server-Side Regression Test for Web Application Developments

Q.L. Chen, T. Shimomura, and K. Ikeda (Japan)


Automated test, Regression test, Server side, Verification,Web applications.


With conventional regression test tools for Web applications, it is difficult to specify the values to be verified that are repeatedly output inside loop statements. This paper presents a method that automates a regression test of a Web application on the server side. This method makes it easy to specify values to be verified when we develop Web applications, and enables us to directly check the verification results that are displayed in Web pages. When we perform a manual test for a Web application, test data will be automatically recorded on the server side. A re-test will be automated by using these test data while we can see the results of the execution of the Web application. The system automatically verifies the current values by comparing them with the previous values recorded in the test data file. When we enhance a Web application, this automated verification mechanism ensures that a new version of the Web application can work correctly in the same way as its previous version.

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