A Systematic Approach for the Identification of Process Reference Models

A.J. van der Merwe and P. Kotzé (South Africa)


Identification of process reference models; requirementselicitation; process modeling and analysis.


Process models are used in different application domains to capture knowledge on the process flow. Process reference models (PRM) are used to capture reusable process models, which should simplify the identification process of process models and make it economically viable. In the identification of core elements within the process reference model, the focus is often on the end product and not on the procedure used to identify the elements. As often proved in development of projects, there is a danger to emphasize the end-product without following a solid identification procedure. In this paper, the focus is on the identification of process reference models, where the authors suggest a method to follow for identification of process reference models, apply the method to a case study and reflect on the experiences during requirements elicitation for identification of process reference models at different institutions.

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