Requirements of a Security Framework for the Semantic Web

I.R. Mbaya, A.J. Gerber, and A.J. van der Merwe (South Africa)


Requirements, security framework, Semantic Web


The vision of the Semantic Web is to provide the World Wide Web the ability to automate, interoperate, and reason about resources and services on the Web. However, the autonomous, dynamic, open, distributed and heterogeneous nature of the Semantic Web introduce new security challenges. Consequently, security becomes a crucial factor for the adoption of the Semantic Web. There are existing suggested security frameworks for the Semantic Web, however none of these address all issues related to the Semantic Web, neither have any requirements for such frameworks been established. Common criteria are therefore required to evaluate existing security frameworks. In this paper, we suggest a set of evaluation criteria that can be used to evaluate existing Semantic Web security frameworks.

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