Effects of Technical Abilities and Phishing Knowledge on Phishing Websites Detection

A. Alnajim and M. Munro (UK)


Anti-Phishing countermeasures, Phishing susceptibility,Online fraud, E-commerce security, Online bankingsecurity, Evaluation experiments.


Phishing scams have become a problem for online banking and e-commerce users. This paper discusses the effects of technical ability and Phishing knowledge for users in Phishing websites’ detection. User experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of technical ability and Phishing knowledge. This paper reports that technical ability has no effect on users’ decisions in Phishing websites’ detection and legitimate websites’ recognition. In contrast, Phishing awareness has a significant positive effect on users’ decisions. The paper clarifies that in the process of designing anti-Phishing approaches, there is need to make sure that the anti-Phishing evaluation experiments’ participants do not know about Phishing regardless their technical ability level (expert or non expert).

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