An Efficient Lineage Tracing in a Data Warehouse

I.A.R. Moghrabi (Kuwait)


Data Warehousing, Lineage Tracing Query, Tag,Performance Analysis


Data warehouse is mostly constructed of derived data, generally stored as views, rather than raw data, to help in decision making. It is sometimes desired to trace the original tuples from which the view has been derived. The purpose might be to determine the authenticity of the original data. This problem of retrieving the original tuples of a view is termed as data lineage problem or lineage tracing problem. In our work, we are suggesting a method, which will perform the task of data lineage with significantly less time and less effort at little additional storage expense. It is based on exploiting the indexes defined on the data. Although this method may require extra disk space, the significant saving in response time outperforms this shortcoming.

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