Generic Arbitrations for Test Reporting

J. Chimiak-Opoka, S. Löw, M. Felderer, R. Breu (Austria), F. Fiedler, F. Schupp (Germany), and M. Breu (Austria)


Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Verdict Functions,Arbitrations, Test Reporting.


Generic arbitrations over multiple test runs are important from an industrial point of view as a mean to provide a better understanding of the testing process, to enable monitoring of implementation progress and to estimate an over all software system reliability and to reduce the development cost. We propose to combine behavioural and performance aspects into uniform validation of a system under test which is especially important in the domain of telecommunication, real–time databases and concurrent systems. We introduce expressive and extensible definitions of verdict functions and show how they should be integrated into arbitrations and test reports. The work presented in this paper is a part of the Telling TestStories framework dedicated to model–driven testing in early development stages.

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