Concepts for Model-based Requirements Testing of Service Oriented Systems

M. Felderer, R. Breu, J. Chimiak-Opoka, M. Breu (Austria), and F. Schupp (Germany)


Model–Based Testing, Quality Assurance, Domain Specific Languages, Service Oriented Systems, RequirementsEngineering.


In this paper we present the core concepts of Telling Test Stories, a model–driven framework for test–driven requirements testing of service oriented systems. Telling TestStories provides a new way of eliciting and validating requirements through intertwined specification of requirements and executable test stories. We define a Domain Specific Language (DSL) to formalize the system requirements and the test model. The DSL allows test cases to be specified based on the concepts of the requirements specification (actors, objects, services) and test cases to be separated from test data. To ensure the quality of the designed artifacts we introduce consistency and coverage checks expressed in OCL. We provide a prototypic implementation of the concepts and started an industrial validation of its usability.

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