V. Uskov∗ and A. Uskov∗


Web-Based Education, strategic issues, 2008–2015, world survey


In October 2007–January 2008, the InterLabs Research Institute at Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois, USA), the international journal on Advanced Technology for Learning (ATL Journal, ISSN: 1710-2251), and the leaders of the annual international conferences on Web-Based Education (WBE, 2002–2008) and Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE, 1998–2008) organized and managed the 2008 World Survey in WBE area. The goal of this survey was to identify important groups of strategic issues that most likely will have significant impact on WBE systems and projects in 2008–2015. A list of selected groups of strategic issues included the following ones: (1) administration, (2) courseware, (3) evaluation, (4) faculty, (5) funding, (6) infrastructure, (7) instructional approaches, (8) intellectual policy, (9) outsourcing, (10) partnerships, (11) quality, (12) security, (13) services, (14) social networking, (15) strategic planning, (16) students, (17) technology, and (18) other. Feedback from a total of 182 experts, who represent 146 organizations (colleges, universities, ministries of education, and training organizations) in 47 different countries all over the world, is summarized below.

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