Semantic and Emotional Music and Image Integration with Impression-based Correlation Computing

H. Fukai, A.I. Uraki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)


impression, visual jockey system, cross media synchronization, impression extraction, correlation calculation, music, image


In the field of the cross media systems, one of the important issues is how to extract and deal with the impression of media data to realize impression-based media retrieval. In this paper, we present impression extraction and correlation calculation methods for automatic cross media synchronization as a new approach for automatic VJ (Visual Jockey) systems with impression calculation. The significant features of our methods are: 1) cross media impression extraction from media data (music and image), 2) correlation calculation in impression between cross media, such as impression of music and impression of an image, for VJ applications, 3) application to an experimental VJ system. This paper shows several experimental results to clarify the feasibility and effectiveness of our framework and methods.

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