Applied Rough Set to Rank the Influence Factor in Cervical Cancer Screening

H.-T. Tu, M.-L. Chen, M.-L. You, and K.-L. Wen (Taiwan)


Major influence factors, Cervical cancer, Rough set, Rank


The purpose of this paper tries to analyze the major influence factors with respect to cervical cancer based on the rough set method, so as to construct an evaluation sign for woman health Firstly, we based on the chart of cervical cancer from the national Fong-Yuan Hospital, Second, we present the mathematics model in this paper, which is rough set in detail. Third, we based this on an evaluation model that considered four factors as our object of study: age group; educational background; contraception condition and menstruation, and the evaluation factor to the evaluation factor. As the result, we not only can get the rank of influence factor in cervical cancer, but also provides a new idea for extension the applications in rough set method.

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