A Model for Personalised Communications Control in Pervasive Systems

E. Papadopoulou, S. McBurney, and M.H. Williams (UK)


Communications control, Pervasive, User preferences,Personalisation.


As communication systems become more and more complex and integrate an increasing variety of different types of systems and devices, an important aim of pervasive systems is to provide users with more control over the delivery of different forms of communications. Simple forms of user control already exist in some systems, and work is ongoing to develop more sophisticated systems. Daidalos and Persist are two European research projects aimed at developing pervasive systems. In the process one aspect that has been investigated is the user control over communications in a general context-aware pervasive system. This paper outlines a general model developed to describe the processes, which was used as the basis of the implemented system in Daidalos. This model is being studied further in the Persist project.

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