A Review on Object-Oriented Metrics as a Supporting Method to Extract Object-Oriented Concepts from Student's Source Code

N. Khamis and S. Idris (Malaysia)


Object-oriented programming, object-oriented metrics,assessment,


One of the debatable issues in programming courses for core Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) education is on how to improve the assessment so that it will reflect student’s programming skills. This research will focus on this issue by proposing a new model to support the assessment of programming courses, specifically in object-oriented programming. The model will be developed by identifying object oriented concepts that student’s have applied in their program source code using object oriented metrics. Metrics are an important technique in quantifying desirable software and software development characteristics of object oriented software development. Currently, metrics proposed for OO software development have rarely been used to support assessment process. This paper will investigate the suitable object-oriented metrics to be applied in the process of developing the assessment model for object oriented programming courses. We give an overview on the object-oriented metrics and the necessary steps on the applications of metrics towards development of the assessment model.

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