Novel Approach for Audio Video Synchronization in Digital Set-Top Box

M. Jain (India), J.M. Beaumont (UK), S. Jain, and P.C. Jain (India)


Audio/Video Synchronization (AV Sync), DVB, MPEG2, Set-Top Box (STB), Lip Synchronization, DolbyDigital


This paper presents certain enhancements for AV Sync (Audio Video synchronization) in digital STB (Set-Top Box). Audio Video synchronization has always proved difficult to implement in STB. The main reason of AV Sync problem is difference in processing path of audio and video. Simultaneous synchronization of audio with HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) output impose very tight constraints. Various models for Correct AV Sync implementation has been suggested by researchers in the similar field. However, none of them addresses the AV Sync problem of dual video (HD & SD simultaneously) with audio. STB has not been considered as possible application for their implementation so such models are not suitable for Real Time set top box application. This paper has done detailed analysis of various STB applications scenarios and their tight constraints. The current AV Sync implementations of STB have been analyzed and certain enhancements in current software implementations have been proposed. In this paper we have also proposed few novel synchronization models that offer better synchronization accuracy. These models have been implemented in Real time application in set top box. Testing of proposed implementation in the RTOS environment meets STB AV sync constraints.

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