Analysis of Character Animation Control in Virtual Taiwan-Puppet Show

Y. Wang (Taiwan)


Visualization and computer graphics, taiwan puppet show,budaixi , tangible interface, character animation


Taiwan Puppet Show (Budaixi) [1] is a unique and mini theater of Taiwan. In the recent 20 Years, many scholars in folk culture converted puppet show, stage and script into digital data, but they are nothing more than the purpose of collection [2]. Even the world renowned troupe, Pili Budaixi (Puppet Show) who introduced the computer special effect into drama, but there is no researcher who turns Budaixi into 3D characters to play on Virtual stage. The purpose of this plan is to convert the hand manipulated Budaixi into virtual show and to seek for most simplified and most cost effective Tangible Interface. In order to achieve this goal, we need to make in-depth research of the moves of puppet. The moves of puppets are completely controlled by changes in the motions of palm and fingers. Hence, it is necessary to find out a protocol to reduce the degree of freedom of operation. This study is expected to extend a hand to the skill heritage and culture transition, and when it is successfully applied in the entertainment world, it could well build another popular culture.

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