Prototyping of Task-Oriented Mobile Navigation System with Real Scale Mobile Services

M. Sasajima, K. Furutani, Y. Kitamura, T. Naganuma, S. Kurakake, and R. Mizoguchi (Japan)


Web Technologies, Mobile internet services, Knowledgebased Systems, Task Ontology, Modelling Mobile Users


Because present methods for mobile service navigation are insufficient to guide users efficiently to the services they need, the authors have been investigating a task oriented menu, which enables users to search for mobile internet services not by category but by what they want to do. Construction of the task-oriented menu is based on a task ontology modeling method which supports descriptions of user activities, such as task execution and defeating obstacles encountered during the task. Since a prototype within a limited domain and task proved its efficiency for navigating novice users, this paper introduces the next step toward the realization of the task-oriented menu system. We have built task model of the mobile users which covered about 97% of the assumed situations of mobile internet services. Then we reorganized “contexts” in the model and designed a menu hierarchy from the view point of the task. We have linked the designed menu to the set of actual mobile internet service sites included in the i-mode service operated by NTT docomo, consists of 5016 services. Among them, 4817 services are properly connected to the menu. This paper introduces a real scale task-oriented menu system for mobile service navigation with some findings in the process of the prototyping.

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