Multi-Level Processor Scheduling using ANT Optimization

S.H. Semnani and K. Zamanifar (Iran)


ant colony algorithm, multi-level processor scheduling,queue theory.


One of the most important issues in operating systems design is processor scheduling. Different methods are introduced to solve this problem. In one method, processes are placed in different queues according to their properties, and the processor allocates time to each queue iteratively. One of the most important parameters of a processor's efficiency in this approach is the amount of time slices associated to each processor queue. In this paper, an algorithm according to ant colony is presented to solve the problem of finding appropriate time slices to assign to each processor queue. In this method, each ant tries to find an appropriate scheduling. Ant algorithm searches the problem space to find the best scheduling. The quality of each ant's solution is evaluated using a fitness function. The fitness function is designed according to the evaluation parameters of each processor queue and also according to the queue theory's relations. The results show the efficiency of this algorithm.

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