Pollutants Removal from Syngas using Carbon Materials

S.S.K. Al-Dury and Z. Skála


Clean Energy, Biomass Gasification, Gas Cleaning


The use of biomass as an energy source is not always, by itself, an environment friendly process: wood combustion, for example, can be a dirty process that causes the release of several dangerous compounds. For the many reasons it is important to develop approaches aimed at the use of biomass in the cleanest possible way, avoiding direct combustion of solid biomass allowing a better combustion or direct conversion to electricity through fuel cells. It is especially interesting the development of technologies for syngas production through biomass gasification and for syngas utilization in fuel cells system, in order to product energy from renewable resources. The aim of the research is the study of a process for the production of syngas from renewable sources and the assessment of its efficiency and environmental impact considering different energy production solutions. The research in particular focuses on the experimental and theoretical characterization of a biomass conversion process, which can be considered as the core of a future plan for the syngas production from biomass.

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