Solar Thermal Water Heating: An Application for Alberta, Canada

T. Jackman, R. Lonseth, A. Lonseth, and K. Jagoda (Canada)


Sustainable Development,  Clean Energy, Solar thermal,Calgary, Alternative Energy, Domestic Water Heating.


Burning fossil fuels at a rapid rate to meet the ever growing demand for energy drives more exploration and extraction, at increasing environmental costs. Greenhouse gases (GHG) generated by this process are contributing to global climate changes that have drastic implications not only to our generation but also generations to come. Renewable energy has become an essential feature in curtailing emission of GHG while meeting the demand for energy. Although many programs and incentives are developed to promote the usage of renewable energy systems, it still has not realized its full potential. The selection of an appropriate and viable renewable energy system is paramount for the obtaining the desired results. This paper discusses the feasibility and application of solar thermal systems in houses for water heating. A case study from a successful commercial application of such systems by a Calgary based company is discussed. It also outlines the lessons learned from this project and future research directions.

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