Energy Analysis of Sustainable NPD of Green Power Parks

Z.A. Qureshi (Canada)


Life cycle energy analysis, Environment assessmentNatural gas,


The sustainable new product design (NPD) for creation of green power parks through the use of the alternate energy resources is the need of our changing nature of diverse demography. The renewable energy systems comprising hydrogen or natural gas are considered as the two big rivals. Besides this, the landfill energy projects like incinerators energy are also the potential areas of power generation as well. In order to study a prototype model of new product design likewise for having a sustainable lean and green manufacturing of electricity a comprehensive life cycle assessment is very important. Infact, this sustainable manufacturing model will determine the overall success of alternative fuels energy source. Therefore, a model life cycle energy analysis is presented here for hydrogen and natural gas for comparison on the basis of the result for life cycle energy analysis (LCEA).

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