The Mexico City 2006 Wind Direction States

A.T.C. Murillo and A. Salcido (Mexico)


Wind circulation events and patterns, Wind directionstates, Mexico City.


The characterization of the wind circulation events and the recognition of their main patterns constitute an important issue for the assessment of the spatial and temporal distribution of the air pollutants in the urban settlements, and also for understanding the effects of a fast changing urban morphology on their ventilation abilities. Attached we reported the results of our study of the surface wind circulation events which took place in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA) during 2006. In carrying out the study we applied a model wind direction state that reflects in a discrete and simplified way the main features of the complex spatial structure of the MCMA wind circulation events. Our approach yields a very simple analysis tool which allows a qualitative and quantitative identification of the MCMA wind circulation patterns. Within this framework, we found out the density of states of wind direction of the MCMA for several different conditions, such as dry and rainy seasons, daytime and nighttime, and others. In particular, our results reflect the few wind direction patterns reported by other authors.

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