Analysis of Transient Ground Surface Displacements due to an Instantaneous Point Heat Source

F.-T. Lin and J.C.-C. Lu (Taiwan)


Transient Analysis, Instantaneous Heat Source, Closedform Solution, Half Space


Using Laplace and Hankel integral transformations, transient closed-form solutions of the thermally induced ground surface displacements due to an instantaneous point heat source buried in an isothermal pervious half space are presented and discussed. The basic formulations of the governing equations are on the basis of Biot’s three-dimensional consolidation theory of porous media. Numerical results show that the maximum ground surface horizontal displacement is around 38.5% of the maximum ground surface vertical displacement. The study concludes that the thermally induced horizontal displacement is significant. The solutions may be used to test numerical models and numerical simulations of the thermoelastic processes near the heat sources.

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