Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation of a Full Car Model with Active Suspension

H. Adibi-asl and G. Rideout (Canada)


Bond graph, full car model, active suspension, optimalcontrol


Active suspension systems have been the subject of significant study over the last two decades. Currently, many active suspension systems can be found on commercially-available automobiles. This paper shows the benefits of the bond graph modeling method to simulate the ability of an active suspension system to improve ride and handling. The active versus passive suspension system is evaluated based on a linearized full car model with seven degrees of freedom. The results show a significant reduction in bounce and pitch acceleration as well as some improvement in roll acceleration of the body for both deterministic and random road profiles. Simulations are performed using commercial software that allows hybrid bond graph and block diagram models. Model construction, simulation, control design and evaluation can therefore be done easily in one software environment.

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