Integrated Analytical Methods for Determining Input Impedances of Open and Short Circuited Patch Antennas

J.R. Ojha and H. Singer (Germany)


Modelling, Simulation, Analytic method, Green’s function,coaxial feeds, patch antennas, input impedance, fringingfields.


The general formulation for the analysis of open and various type of short circuited patch antennas using an enhanced analytical method is the aim. Modelling procedures of open and short circuited patch antennas using the Green’s function by the expansion of Eigen-functions are explained. The input impedance of patch antennas is determined by taking the fringing-field effects into account. The input impedances are determined from Green’s functions for short circuited patch antennas shorted on one side, two adjacent sides, two opposite sides, and three sides. The analytical approach is validated with the full-wave method of moments.

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