Five-Axis Kinematics Errors Minimization using Iterative Angle Switching Algorithm

M. Munlin (Thailand)


Five-axis machines, inverse kinematics, tool pathoptimization, kinematics error, CAD/CAM.


When the tool of a five-axis milling machine travels near a stationary point, the rotation angles may change sharply leading to unexpected deviations from the estimated trajectories. Several algorithms have been proposed to optimize the rotations of the machine drives without increasing the number of tool positions or changing the tool orientation. The main idea is minimization of the distance traveled by the tool in the angular space at the expense of using multiple solutions of the inverse kinematics equations that is switching the rotation angles at certain position. The author proposes an extended angle optimization algorithm: iterative angle switching to repair such trajectories by adjusting the rotation angles in such a way that the kinematics error is minimized.

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