Techniques and Methods for Determination and Visualisation of Electromagnetic Fields in Power Systems

R.M.S. de Oliveira, R. Chamié, R. de C. Rocha, W.H. Barros Jr., C.L.S.S. Sobrinho, and R.C. Leite (Brazil)


Parallel Computational Environment, LN-FDTD method,LN-UPML technique, Neural Networks, GeneticAlgorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization.


The present work shows the results of a R&D project carried out by ELETRONORTE and by the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). Its core objective is the development of a computational system for performing analysis and synthesis involving electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a power system substation environment. For the analysis stage, the numerical solution of the problem is obtained by solving numerically the Maxwell’s equations written in a local non-orthogonal coordinate system by employing the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method (LN-FDTD). The truncation of the analysis region is done by a new formulation called LN-UPML which involves the solution of the Maxwell Equations for lossy anisotropic media in a general coordinate system. For the synthesis stage, techniques such as neural networks, genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization are used. The computational environment conceived has a friendly data input/output interface for the user, which permits a better understanding of the electromagnetic phenomena involved in each one of the complex problems analyzed.

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