Remote Real Time Monitoring of Microprocessor based Multi Meter

S. El Safty (Egypt)


Automatic meter reading, power line carrier communication,user datagram protocol.


During the last years, the increase in the development of the electronic multi meters provided better accuracy, high reliability and less risk of field failures. The ability of the providing companies to monitor the behavior of the customers became a possibility. In this paper, a system is suggested to be able to monitor active and reactive energy consumption of different residential costumers. In addition any variation in the voltage level or increase in the current could be also recorded in the electricity utility. The microprocessor Motorola MC9S12NE64 is used to monitor and calculate the different electrical parameters. The data recorded in the microprocessor is sent to the company using the technique of power line carrier communication. This communication system use the existing AC electrical wiring as the network medium to provide high speed network access points almost anywhere there is an AC outlet. The data received by the utility can then be formulated and recorded in an accessible format using the MATLAB program to be able to acquire it for any required study.

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