An Automatic Registration Technique for Multisensorial Remotely Sensed Imagery

F. Eugenio and J. Marcello (Spain)


Image registration, feature detection, and contourmatching.


Spatial registration of multidate or multisensorial images is required for many applications in remote sensing. Automatic image registration, which has been extensively studied in other areas of image processing, is still a complex problem in the framework of remote sensing. In this work we explore an alternative strategy for a fully automatic and operational registration system capable of registering multitemporal and multisensorial remote sensing satellite images with high accuracy and avoiding the use of ground control points, exploiting the maximum reliable information in both images (coastlines not occluded by clouds). The automatic feature-based approach is summarized as follows: i) Reference image coastline extraction; ii) Sensed image gradient energy map estimation and iii) Contour matching, mapping function estimation and transformation of the sensed images. Several experimental results for single sensor imagery (AVHRR/3) and multisensorial imagery (AVHRR/3-SeaWiFS-MODIS) from different viewpoints and dates have verified the robustness and accuracy of the proposed automatic registration algorithm, demonstrating its capability of registering satellite images of coastal areas within one pixel.

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