Direct Determination of Camera Motion from Normal Flows

R. Chung and D. Yuan (PRC)


Camera motion, Ego-motion, optical flow, normal flow


We present a method of determining camera motion from image stream. Unlike the traditional approaches, the method requires to establish no explicit motion correspondence from the video data, neither in the form of some distinct features tracked in the image stream, nor in the form of dense optical flow. The method determines camera motion from certain direct observables of the image stream – the normal flow field. We offer a formulation of what locus of camera motion each observed normal flow data has to offer. Normal flows at more than one image positions could then work together to pinpoint the desirables. As the method does not track distinct features nor interpolate optical flow, it is applicable even to cases where the imaged scene is not displaying distinct features nor smooth. The method does not leave any normal flow unused in the visual data either, thus demanding for its operation much less texture from the imaged scene than the traditional methods.

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