Efficient Visualization of Dynamic Urban Scenes

J.L. Pina, F. Seron, and E. Cerezo (Spain)


Rendering dynamic, urban scenes, virtual flights andwalkthroughs, data structures, view-culling.


View-culling is a rendering acceleration technique usually implemented when performing real-time walkthroughs in complex virtual scenes. The performance of the technique highly depends on the data structure on which the traverse culling is performed. In this paper we propose a data structure, the BqR-Tree, which is a modified R-Tree that improves the rendering speed of the usual R-trees in the view-culling phase especially in urban scenes. To build the structure in preprocessing time, the city is split by means of a special quadtree partition and the urban block is adopted as the basic unit. The aim of the structure is to accelerate the visualization of complex scenes containing not only static but dynamic elements. The usefulness of the structure has been tested with low structured data, which makes its application appropriate to almost all city data and it has been compared with results obtained when using the data structure with the greatest rendering speed till now, with average improvements of around 30%.

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